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Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

Posted by First National Bank & Trust on Sep 12, 2018 11:55:53 AM

To help you answer this question, we have found an online calculator that takes the most important costs associated with buying a house and computes the equivalent monthly rent. This tool should help make the decision between renting and buying a home a bit more clear if you trying to decide the best option.

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Does your business suffer from any of these cash management hang-ups?

Posted by Lindsey Mahan on Jul 10, 2018 8:49:56 AM

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with numerous businesses in my role as Cash Management Specialist. I’ve celebrated their successes and empathized with their struggles. During the course of these conversations, I’ve identified several ways that I can help them via First National Bank’s cash management services to simplify their processes and save time.

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Loan Us Your Time

Posted by Madaline McVay on Jul 2, 2018 3:27:20 PM

As a young adult the thought of a loan or owing a large amount of money can be a very intimidating. However, it might just be the fear of the unknown that is pushing you in the opposite direction. 

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Our Partnership with TS Prosperity Group

Posted by First National Bank & Trust on Jun 8, 2018 11:10:11 AM

First National Bank and Trust Company is a community bank located in Clinton, Illinois. We are proud to offer an amazing line up of products and services for consumers, businesses and other organizations while striving to Ignite Prosperity within our community.

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Cash Management Part II

Posted by First National Bank & Trust on May 8, 2018 10:19:00 AM

In our Part I of this blog series we covered the basics of FNBT’s Cash Management Program, so for part II we wanted to dive into some of the specifics that FNBT Cash Management makes available to your business! 

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Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

Posted by First National Bank & Trust on May 7, 2018 2:18:00 PM

Picture yourself in a busy grocery store. Every line is backed up a few carts deep and your grocery cart is full to the brim. You choose the closest lane and wait. As you wait, you do your best to distract your five and two-year-old children from the candy and toys the store so conveniently placed right at their eye level.

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10 Reasons to Switch to First National Bank and Trust

Posted by First National Bank & Trust on Apr 17, 2018 8:45:14 AM

At First National Bank and Trust we realize that banking is an ever changing industry, and as a community bank we have made it a priority to adapt quickly. We are always striving to stay on top of the latest banking trends in this technology driven world we live in, and below are 10 different products and services we have invested in to provide you with an overall excellent banking experience.

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Cash Management Part I

Posted by First National Bank & Trust on Apr 10, 2018 11:39:00 AM

“Lost time is never found again.”
-Benjamin Franklin

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Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Oh My!

Posted by Rachel Costello on Apr 2, 2018 9:41:13 AM

Yes, I stole that from The Wizard of Oz which is one of my favorite all time movies. Hopefully my “oh so catchy” title grabbed your attention and directed you to this blog. First National Bank and Trust is happy to announce that we now offer our clients the ability to use digital wallets also known as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay (formerly Android Pay). With digital wallets our clients can use their mobile devices to make payments at participating merchants to make payments vs. inserting or swiping their debit card.

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How do I open a checking account online?

Posted by First National Bank & Trust on Mar 28, 2018 1:37:06 PM

First National Bank now offers a simple way to open an account right from the comfort of your own home. We’ve found that couples trying to open a joint account use online account opening when it’s difficult for both individuals to visit the bank during regular business hours. We have outlined the process and answered some frequently asked questions about online account opening here at First National Bank below!

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