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Cash Management Part I

cashmanagementI.png“Lost time is never found again.”
-Benjamin Franklin

It’s all too easy for companies to spend more hours than they would like managing finances; from paying bills, to setting up approval processes. Benjamin Franklin says lost time is never found again, but for a business, lost time is also lost money. This is where we come in. Through First National Bank’s Cash Management Program, you are given all the tools to easily and efficiently manage your company’s finances. This is the first of a three-part blog series, created to explain a little bit more about what First National Bank’s Cash Management can do for you!

What makes FNBT’s Cash Management Process better?
1. Flexibility - No two businesses are alike. Cash Management allows you to customize the way you pay and organize bills, control users, and set tiers for approval.

2. Efficiency - You have the ability to streamline your cash management processes and keep all billing files on one domain. In other words, this program does the organizing so you don’t have to!

3. Security - With fraud increasing at 25 percent each year, your company’s security is more important than ever. Our system provides a secure platform you can trust, with security PINs, alerts and a reviews of wires and other payments to make sure a fraudulent transaction is not present.

Get to Know Cash Management
Enrolling is Easy: Every cash management account opened has a primary user; from there the primary user is able to enroll as many users as necessary for their company. Levels of access, security pints and alerts are customizable for each account user.

The Dashboard: From the main dashboard your can view account information, wire transfers (approve pending transactions), receives alerts and more. From your accounts tab, you are able to:

  • View current balances
  • See previous transactions
  • Edit your stop payments
  • Bill pay
  • See, print or download documents such as eStatements.

eStatements: Our Cash Management program includes eStatements, electronic bank statements that are fast, simple and good for the environment!

Bill Pay: Make payments to anyone at anytime in a way that is proven to be safer than sending checks in the mail! The online bill pay system allows users to set-up automatic payments that are easily organized, and editable. The bill pay allows users to sort bills into groups that you can file under any name (ex. credit card, office supplies, automotive), link invoices to payments, and add multiple user levels.

When looking at the bill pay dashboard, you’re shown a current status of your account along with bill reminders, pending payments, and recent payments. Making a payment is as easy entering in the biller name, amount your paying and, pay date. Most bills are received the next business day. Payments that are pending can also be updated or changed.

Enroll Today!
For more information watch these video tutorials or contact us at 217-935-2148.

Stay tuned for Cash Management Part II!



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