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Does your business suffer from any of these cash management hang-ups?


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with numerous businesses in my role as Cash Management Specialist. I’ve celebrated their successes and empathized with their struggles. During the course of these conversations, I’ve identified several ways that I can help them via First National Bank’s cash management services to simplify their processes and save time.

Does your business suffer from any of these hang-ups?

1. My current credit/debit card processor delays deposits 2-3 business days after a batch, making it hard to reconcile books accurately. 

Our provider offers next day deposits because they understand the importance of a timely cash flow.

2. My current credit/debit processor charges fees monthly in a lump sum.

Our provider offers the option for fees to be deducted with each daily deposit or in one lump sum at the end of each month.

3. I bank with First National Bank but the closest branch is 25 minutes away. How can I conveniently deposit my checks?

First National Bank offers remote deposit for our business clients. For our clients with larger check volumes, we can install a scanner in your office where you will scan the checks and deposit them directly to your account. 

4. I write my employees a check for payroll on a bi-weekly basis. I have been asked by my employees for direct deposit to make things more convenient for them. I am not sure which is the most cost effective option.

Checks can be costly depending on the types of checks you use and how they are delivered. First National Bank offers ACH Origination services to pay your employees via direct deposit. Processing payroll is convenient with First National Bank Cash Management. Simply log in, input payroll amounts and approve the file. There is a low monthly fee to process each file.

6. I have multiple accounts and multiple employees who I would like to grant online banking access but not all employees need access to all accounts.

We can customize each user’s profile to have only the permissions you allow them to have. For example, they may be able to view an account for reconciliation purposes but may not have the ability to perform transactions online.

7. My company would like to initiate payroll via ACH, but I want to have another set of eyes verify the information before it is sent out.

We can set up your ACH origination so that one user can submit the file and another user can approve the file to provide that final verification prior to releasing to the bank.

At First National Bank we are always looking for ways to make our cash management services convenient and affordable for our clients. Hopefully this article has been helpful however, if there is a "hang-up" I have not touched or that you still need help with please contact me at Lindsey.mahan@tsbg.com or (712) 487-3000.



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