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Bank partners with school district to launch new career exploration

Clinton, IL, August 6, 2021 - First National Bank and Trust Company has partnered with Normal..

Local students benefit from Culinary Arts Career Camp

Clinton, IL, August 4, 2021 - First National Bank and Trust Company recently offered a Culinary..

Social Security insecurity: will this benefit be there for you?

By Matt Riley November 23, 2020

Since the 1930s, Social Security has grown into one of America’s most popular social welfare..

Three budgeting red flags

By First National Bank & Trust September 17, 2020

When meeting with clients to discuss their finances, budgets usually get brought up. I’m often..

Local entrepreneur camp gives students opportunity to develop business ideas

By First National Bank & Trust September 14, 2020

Clinton, IL - First National Bank and Trust Company hosted an entrepreneur camp for middle school..

Should I pay off my mortgage or invest?

By Matt Riley June 25, 2020

This is a common question we get asked and not to ruin the surprise but the answer is “it depends”...

How to get started with a budget

By Angie Sutton April 20, 2020

Eww. Just the word “budget” makes us cringe. It sounds so restrictive – like a strait jacket...

Are you making a living or making a life?

By Kyle Osborne April 20, 2020

My name is Kyle Osborne and I have been working with families and individuals in my local..

Key lessons learned while setting a budget and joining accounts

By Jessie Shiels April 20, 2020

The year 2015 was jam-packed for my (then)-fiancé and I. We purchased and moved into our new house..


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