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Four Reasons to Open Your Business Accounts at FNBT

Analyzed-Business-Checking.jpgWe thought we would highlight four reasons why you should open your business accounts at First National Bank. We would love to have you as a client!

Great Online Experience
First National Bank just launched a new website with an improved experience along with a new version of online banking, FNBT Online. Use FNBT Online to monitor your accounts and balances 24/7. Utilize it to schedule one-time or recurring transfers between your various accounts, make loan payments, view check images, receive eStatements, set up e-Alerts for account activity. You can now contact us online via online form, live chat, or by sending a secure email through FNBT Online.

Remote Deposit Capture
During a busy workday, many struggle to find time to run out to a bank branch to deposit a company check. With remote deposit capture, you can deposit checks without having to visit the bank. This service uses a desktop scanner to send checks straight to the bank in just a few minutes. It's quick, convenient, and completely secure. You will receive same day credit, which accelerates your cash flow.

Cash Management Suite
Make your business run more efficiently. Our cash management services help you streamline administrative tasks to save time and money. We can now assist with a wide variety of functions, including check reconciliation and ACH transactions, all from the comfort of your office. Enjoy 24/7 control over company finances, cut down on repetition and streamline recordkeeping. Utilize our cash management services to set up direct deposits, make and record tax payments, collect payments electronically, check reconciliation, bill payment services and even the ability to create multiple employee logins with customized access. Reach out to us today to find out how you can get started.

Business Debit Cards
Now available to our business clients are business debit cards. These cards are easily identifiable in your wallet (vs. your consumer debit card) and you can print your name and business name on the card. These cards can also be provided to your employees to provide flexibility and establish limits. Each employee will receive a card with their name and the business name printed in addition to receiving their PIN. These cards will require a Business Service Application to be completed, which allows business owners to establish official card limits appropriate for employees.

Questions? Call us at 217.935.2148.



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