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What is KASASA?!

what is kasasa.pngWhat is Kasasa®?
On an everyday level, Kasasa is free checking that rewards you each month for doing simple things you might already do. "Simple" as in banking basics that actually save you time. Like choosing e-statements over traditional paper statements, or swiping your debit card at checkout instead of writing a check.

How does a free Kasasa checking account reward you?
Well, that depends on your Kasasa account. You could get paid high rates or cash back on debit card purchases. How you get rewarded is up to you. But every Kasasa checking account lets you earn refunds on ATM fees, nationwide – and that’s on top of the reward you choose.

Rewards AND refunds on ATM fees. Too good to be true?
The banking basics you do to earn your rewards (we call them “qualifications”) actually help us save money. Even though they’re free to you. Just consider your monthly rewards and refunds on ATM fees a way of saying “thank you.” Sure, these banking basics may seem small to you but they really help us. And what better way to say “thanks” than in cash? Better yet, your Kasasa account is always free. So there’s never a penalty fee or monthly service fee – even if you don’t meet your qualifications for the month.

But Kasasa is more than just free checking and monthly rewards.
It’s free checking you can feel good about. Not only is every dollar you deposit into your Kasasa account a smart move for your money, it’s a vote of confidence in your local community.

So what does the word “Kasasa” mean?
Put simply, it’s made up. And really, that’s the best thing about the name “Kasasa” – it can mean whatever you want it to mean. Whether that’s the extra money you see in your budget at the end of each month – or freedom from monthly “service” fees that only serve to take what’s yours. Maybe it's the comfort that comes from banking at a place you know and trust. There’s no wrong reason to Kasasa. So tell us, what does “Kasasa” mean to you?

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