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What is Popmoney?: Q/A with a Universal Banker at First National Bank

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps are on the rise and mobile payment has increased with the wide use and advancement of cell phones. With multiple options out there, we’re here to make the choice easy for you.

Introducing Popmoney®: a simple and secure way to make and receive payments on the go!

What is Popmoney?
Popmoney is a safe service that moves money directly from your bank account to another person or bank.

What are the advantages to using Popmoney, especially in today’s technologically advanced society?
Popmoney is convenient for all.  Transfering money between friends is as easy as asking someone for their email or mobile number, and sending it right to their phone! They will receive a notification directing them to deposit their money directly into their account. The money is then deposited within 1-3 business days. It can’t get much easier than that!

How is Popmoney different from other money transferring apps such as Venmo and PayPal? 
PayPal is done directly through the website and isn’t accessed through text. It also is a more expensive and slower service, at 3-5 business days per transaction. Venmo doesn’t offer bank account to bank account transfers and holds the money in your Venmo account, and charges 3% on payments made via credit card.

How do I know my money and bank account information is secure?
Popmoney is a peer-to-peer payment service offered by thousands of financial institutions. Security measures are taken throughout the payment process to help keep your transactions safe. When signing up for Popmoney, new recipients provide a verification code when claiming money to ensure the email address or mobile number belongs to them.

What about fees?
Popmoney offers two deliver methods. These methods are free or low-fee features, depending on the method you choose. First National Bank offers the standard delivery method at a cost-free rate. We also offer rush delivery for a small fee of $1.50 or if you request money from another person and/or bank, we charge a fee of $0.50.

Why should you use Popmoney?
In today’s society, everyone is focused on convenience and what’s going to save a little time. Popmoney is a quick, easy way to receive and send money. This saves you time by not having to run to the nearest bank and ATM or worrying about having the exact change. You can set it up to pay for childcare, little league entry fees, or split the bill with your friends or family at dinner.

How do I sign up for Popmoney? Signing up is simple! You go online to your bank’s website and simply sign into your account. Click on “Pay Bills” and accept the terms and conditions. You can then select Popmoney, where you can start sending or requesting payments.


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