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REV Follow-Up Blog: Dial Farms

As promised, we are featuring this year’s winning businesses for REV on the blog!

Part of the reason we are so passionate about this event it because we believe a community is only as great as it’s small businesses. We also know that to find good businesses you don’t have to go far, which is why we’ve started REV.

This blog features Dial Farms; just one of the great businesses right in our backyard.

Describe your business in two sentences.
Dial Farms is a small operation providing custom hay baling services, as well as quality hay to local farmers and the community. Dial Farms has recently added cattle to its operation where it will participate in both beef production and reproduction of some of the best breeds. 

What products and services you offer?
Custom hay baling services include: Large round bales, small square bales, mowing, raking, and delivering. I also specialize in quality hay sales that provide nutritional forage to our customers. I have recently introduced a cow/calf operation to my farm that will have both commercial and registered cattle.

What are your mission and goals?
Dial Farms aims in providing value and growth to my farm, my landlords, and my business partners through honesty, determination, and hard work while being a good steward of the land and a nourishing livestock owner. My main goal is to grow my cattle operation and focus my herd with Registered Hereford cattle. 

How was your experience at REV?
My experience with REV was exciting. It was great to see First National Bank reach out to small businesses with this opportunity and be generous enough to help them grow.


What will you do with the prize money?
With the prize money, I am going to purchase more Registered Herefords where in return I will be able to market my premium calves to show organizations and other registered Hereford owners.


P.S. REV is going to be an annual event, so give a little nudge to your neighbor (who’s a business owner) and encourage them to apply next year! We will post about open applications on our website, Facebook and Twitter.



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