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Ignite Prosperity - Our Tagline Explained

Ignite Prosperity.pngBehind every tagline is a story. First National Bank and Trust’s tagline Ignite Prosperity® is one we are proud of, as it demonstrates what our goal is for our clients and community members. We recruited Director of Community Reinvestment, Kelsey Stupfell, to dive into our definition of the tagline.

The Importance of Word Choice
ignite- We were intrigued by the word for its second standard definition “to evoke emotion, to excite, to set in motion.”

prosperity – This is a strong, precise word that can be used as both a noun or verb and conveys a thriving future. Plus, “prosper” means to thrive or cause to succeed.

How We Ignite Prosperity® in the Community
Our focus is to create a movement toward success with clients and the communities we serve. We want to come alongside our clients, helping them achieve their financial goals, whether it’s a savings plan, a new business strategy, or family succession planning. After choosing the tagline “Ignite Prosperity” it came as a delightful surprise that the Latin meaning of “prosperous” (i.e.) “PRO” means and (FOR) + spēs means (HOPE). We are for hope!

How We Ignite Prosperity® within the Bank Walls
Living out our tagline within the company has been done through various programs. Recently, the bank arranged for financial wiz Adam Carroll to come and give financial workshops for employees. We also offer volunteer time off so that employees can work with an organization that speaks to them – and we pay them! The goal is encouraging employees to emulate Ignite Prosperity® in their own lives, in their families, and in their communities. We want everyone to strive for something bigger than themselves and help come alongside to share in those dreams. 

“We have always strived to be a company that leads and a company that gives back and reinvests into the community as well as help teach others to give back and lead in transformational ways.” - Kelsey Stupfell.



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