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Homes for Heroes - Lauren Johnson

In this blog series, we will feature local heroes from our community. This series is part of our Homes for Heroes campaign with the goal of getting more heroes into the home of their dreams. For our second hero feature, we will would like to introduce you to Lauren Johnson, Preschool Program Coordinator in the Clinton School District. Learn more about First National Bank and Trust Company’s Home for Heroes campaign here.

Tell us about yourself and family.
My name is Lauren Johnson. I am a wife to the most amazing human, Andrew, momma (and step-momma) to four wonderful kiddos and dog mommy to our CJ McScruffins. I work for our local school district as the Preschool Program Coordinator. I love kiddos and creating. I am involved in a variety of organizations throughout our community and beyond. I'm not very good at relaxing but I LOVE travel and adventure.

Why did you and what was your path to become an educator?
I have always had a love for kiddos from babysitting when I was younger to having my own. I received my Master's in Human Services with a concentration in Children and Family, in hopes that I would be able to help not only children, but their whole family to thrive. In my current role, I'm lucky to be able to be involved with preschool students from the very beginning of the preschool process, from screening to enrollment, to celebrating their successes and special milestones, to high-fiving them when they walk to their locker in 1st grade hallway (they truly do grow up so fast). I am also blessed that throughout every part of the preschool process, I am able to connect with the student's family as well. I can honestly say that I love my job and most days, it doesn't even feel like work.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to be an educator?
My best advice is to be patient and understanding. You never know what a child is going through, you might be the one that can make or break their whole day (so you should try really hard to be the one that makes it).

How did you hear about the Homes for Heroes program?
I was made aware of the Homes for Heroes program as a FNBT customer (thanks, FNBT)!

How did you come to bank with First National Bank and Trust Company?
I have actually been a customer since birth. I had my very first savings account with First National Bank and Trust Company and now our children have their savings accounts there, too! I never would've expected to say that I LOVE a bank, but I do. I love the people (past and present), I love that they have supported me personally and professionally, and I'm grateful for a bank that truly cares about its customers and its community.

Big thank you to Lauren for her service to our community and for sharing her story. If you would like to learn more about the Homes for Heroes program, please contact us or call Rhett Hillard directly at 217.935.7460. First National Bank and Trust Company would love to be your partner when buying your next home.

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