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Hasler’s Double D Ranch uses REV for growth of business, community

Hasler’s Double D Ranch near Clinton offers horseback riders of all skill levels a chance to learn and have fun.


We offer riding lessons, boarding services and participate with their riders in fairs and shows,” said Dee Hasler, who owns the ranch with her mother Louise. “We have done horse clinics in the past, usually four per year on the ranch and another four-to-six at other locations.”

The Haslers bought the ranch at 10371 State Highway 48 in Farmer City in 1993. That year they also purchased a horse named Angel, famous on the grounds and still a familiar face at the ranch today. Angel and friend Sugar are the two of the ranch’s most popular horses.

Hasler’s Double D Ranch has won a number of distinguished national and world championships in the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors & Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Associations. 

“We enjoy sharing our love for equine ownership and the joys of riding,” Dee Hasler said. “Two of our most well-known horses, Angel and Sugar, are among those that have allowed us to show off their many talents in the competitive arena.”

The ranch recently added a generator to the ranch as a backup power source, are grading out land and adding rock for upcoming shows to ease use of the ranch, thanks to winnings from the 2018 First National Bank and Trust Company REV business pitch competition.

“The generator allows us to keep the waterers heated and filled when the power is out and/or the weather is bad,” Dee Hasler said. “We are very excited about these improvements.”

Hasler said REV helped the business grow, which in turn allows the community to prosper.

“REV has allowed us the opportunity to make our business more efficient and to serve our boarders, riders and guests better. Our growing clientele and those organizations we are a part of help to bring in more business for our community as well. For instance, a horse clinic brings in campers to our local parks, customers to our restaurants and guests to the area hotels,” Hasler said. “We really are a part of a big circle to grow one another. The better we do and grow, the more our community grows.”

The 2019 REV competition will take place at 1 p.m. on Nov. 1 at First National Bank and Trust, 2 Kelli Court, in Clinton. Applications are due by Oct. 14. For more information go to firstnbtc.com/rev.

“I will admit I was a bit nervous but after putting all our plans onto paper and getting a chance to share what I love with others, it all became easier,” Hasler said. “I talk about REV with everyone I can. The chance to share your passion with others to grow your business is unique. When we come across anyone who has an ambition to share and grow, we let them know about our chance and how it helped us.”

For more information on Hasler’s DD Ranch go to their Facebook page or call 309-825-0148.


About First National Bank and Trust Co: First National Bank & Trust Company is a community bank located in Clinton, Illinois. Dedicated to community prosperity, the bank was chartered in 1872 under the name DeWitt County National Bank. The name was changed to First National Bank and Trust Company in 1974, and was acquired by TS Banking Group in 2017. With $181 million in assets, First National Bank is dedicated to community reinvestment and gives 10 percent of its net income back to the community. For more information visit firstnbtc.com.



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