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Being Part of the First National Bank and Trust Company Family

In June of 2016, after living in Clinton for a few years, my wife and I decided that we needed to have an account at a local bank. Living in town for two years and having an out of town bank was becoming a hassle, so we decided to join the First National Bank and Trust Company family. We met with Lou, who I have learned has probably helped everyone in the Clinton community in some way or another, and it was an easy process. We have loved being part of the family and have had no issues that we couldn’t get fixed with a simple phone call or coming to the bank.

Flash forward to 2020. This has been an extraordinary year by all accounts and it’s hard to find anyone that hasn’t been affected by COVID-19 in some way or another. For my family, I was laid off in March with the hopes of being able to return back to work in the future. Unfortunately, that was not in the cards, so I began to look for jobs closer to Clinton.

After searching for some time, I can across a job at First National Bank and Trust. I had over 10 years at my previous position and made a lot of friends. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when going to work somewhere where I only knew Lou, and she had only taken care of my account. So in August of this year, I joined the team along with Christine (who like Lou knows the entire County of DeWitt), Glenna, Danielle, Jordan and Camille working as a Universal Banker.

When I joined the family tree of FNBTC (I was a beautiful leaf on that tree as an account holder before), I honestly didn’t know what to expect. With the amount of clients that are part of First National Bank and Trust, I was amazed at the personal touch that each person here gives while working with everyone. Clients are not just numbers here and this job is not just about running transactions, it’s so much more! Everyone here from the front line workers, all the way to our bank President, Josh Shofner, want to make sure all of our family members are taken care of. That has been so rewarding for me in the short time I've been here, as I have always thrived on having a personal connection with people and now I have the opportunity to have that with every day that I work.

But it isn’t just working with clients of the bank, it’s also working with everyone in the community we live in. First National Bank and Trust Company prides itself on giving back and helping this great community as much as it can. And they do this not to just make a buck or have someone become a client of the bank, but because it’s what a family does to help each other. This is where I have learned that First National Bank and Trust stands out in this community.

To sum things up, it has been a smooth transition from my previous job work to working here. Everyone here has been amazing to work with in both teaching me, but also helping all of our clients. My coworkers genuinely care about everyone that goes through our doors, or through the drive up, or gives us a call. It’s been a tremendous experience joining the First National Bank and Trust family, and I’m excited to continue to grow with this family and become a bigger part of the DeWitt County family.

Matt Hall
Universal Banker
Big Guy in Sweater Vest

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